Polish foodtech Fresh Inset raises €2.7M from business angels

Toruń-based foodtech company Fresh Inset has raised almost €2.7 million (PLN 12 million) in a Series B1 funding round participated by several business angels. The company develops a technology for extending the freshness of picked fruit and vegetables, My Company Polska reports.

  • Founded in 2018, Fresh Inset has a vision to save the fresh produce resources with the help of the Vidre+ technology. The Vidre+ sticker is simply applied to packaging, helping to prolong the products’ freshness, maintain their texture, firmness, taste, nutrition, and appearance during storage, transportation, and retail.
  • Fruits and vegetables with Fresh Inset protection are already sold in Argentina. The company is in talks to enter several more markets, including countries in South America, the USA, Europe, Turkey, Africa, Asia, and Australia.
  • Fresh Inset Vidre+ stickers
  • In April 2023, Fresh Inset started attracting investors under its Series B round, which was planned to reach about €4.5 million (PLN 20 million), and divided into two equal tranches of €2.25 million (PLN 10 million) each — B1 and B2.
  • The closed B1 round, pitched to private investors, was later increased to €2.7 million due to the interest, and still ended with a significant oversubscription. To finalize the Series B, the company is currently in active talks with VC funds.
  • Apart from expanding to farther markets, Fresh Inset plans to extend its product offering to the fresh flowers market. Vidre+ is already being sold to flower growers in Ecuador and will be available in Kenya and other countries in the coming months.