Promodo invests $100k in JustWork, a newly launched marketplace for marketers

JustWork, a marketplace for marketers, has been launched in Ukraine. The platform was in a demo mode since 2021, and today it saw official release. Promodo, a prominent Ukrainian marketing agency, invested over $100,000 in the project. Serhiy Bilobrov, CEO and co-founder, told AIN.Capital the news.

  • JustWork is a marketplace for entrepreneurs and marketers. Small and medium-sized businesses can order marketing services on the marketplace, and marketers can quickly and conveniently monetize their expertise.
  • The platform allows companies to post the details about the projects they want to hire a marketer for. After that, the algorithm selects a specialist who has the required level of competence and time. Next, the marketer forms a workplan and, if the company approves it, they start cooperation process.
  • The company launched a closed MVP in 2021, but due to the full scale war the product development ceased. The team came back to the project only in the summer of 2022. JustWork was released on August 15, 2023.

“On the JustWork platform, you can find verified SEO and PPC specialists and pay them by the hour for their services. All tasks are categorized into different types. You can cooperate both hourly and on a subscription basis. It is very easy to hire a specialist for $200-300. JustWork’s system will offer you task and result management in a convenient and understandable way,” said Oleksandr Kolb, Promodo founder, when he announced the project in December 2022.

  • At the end of 2022, Promodo invested more than $100,000 in the project development. Agency employees also became beta testers of the platform.
  • According to Bilobrov, over 300 marketers work through JustWork. 30 companies are using JustWork today. On average, a customer spends 5 minutes looking for a specialist.
  • The platform monetizes on the percent from the specialists’ fee. JustWork is focused on the European market, and Ukraine will become a test site for the marketplace.

In a commentary to AIN.Capital, Promodo founder Oleksandr Kolb, who became an investor and partner in the project, explains how the idea of creating JustWork came to be and why they decided to invest during a full-scale invasion.

“We also hope to develop the platform abroad: we already have an English version and the first customers who come from outside Ukraine. We’re seeing that the market is slowly recovering. Promodo is growing as a company, so we invest in this project, as we believe it will be cool, and the value we put in it will be well received by customers. Thanks to the next big product, we will continue to improve the digital marketing industry in Ukraine, Europe, and the whole world.”