Finland’s Comptek Solutions secures €8M in Series A funding

Tukru-based Comptek Solutions has secured €8 million during a Series A funding round aimed at driving growth in customized passivation. The round consists of equity investments from the Horizon Europe EIC Fund and LIFTT S.p.A., key strategic partners in the consumer electronics industry.

  • Founded in 2017 by CTO Jouko Lång and CEO Vicente Calvo Alonso, Comptek Solutions is an expert in semiconductor quantum surface passivation for III-V devices: µLEDs, lasers, VCSEL, and Power electronics.
  • The company’s passivation tech — coating a material to prevent corrosion and defects — allows up to 98% reduction of interface defect state density compared to the standard method.
  • Comptek’s previous milestone was the €2.45 million grant awarded by the EIC Accelerator in 2022. The current involvement of investors will provide Comptek with unparalleled support in areas such as scale-up growth, innovation advancement, industrialization, and implementation.

“Passivation is an essential factor of advanced optoelectronic chip manufacturing and Comptek Solutions is a key driver in this crucial niche. Their solution disrupts the value chain by introducing a novel processing technology that enables unprecedented levels of chip efficiency and helps to significantly reduce production costs. We are thrilled by the promising outlook their game-changing technologies present,”

Pierluigi Freni, Project Manager of LIFTT S.p.A, comments.
  • LIFTT S.p.A., the investor in the project, is a leading Italian venture capital firm focused on early-stage investments in startups and SMEs with high growth impact and ESG. Horizon Europe, a 7-year European Union scientific research initiative, is also one of the backers.
  • Comptek will use the fresh funds to accelerate the growth of its team and technology portfolio to provide the most efficient passivation solutions for other core fields of applications.