One million pixels, 10% taken by IT companies. Could Braveproject raise $1M in donations?

Today, everyone surely knows about the internet project The Million Dollar Homepage — one million pixels, each sold for $1. This is how the project’s creator, British entrepreneur Alex Tew, earned his first million in 5 months in 2005.

The team of developers together with AIN.UA created Braveproject and already raised $100,000 because they also want a million. But not for themselves.

Braveproject puts a twist on The Million Dollar Homepage idea. It is a board with 1 million pixels; we will gift one pixel for each $1 spent on donations. There is a military direction, an active fundraiser started with Group35 to supply drones for the 148th Brigade of the Air Assault Forces. And humanitarian — providing Ukrainians who lost an arm as a result of Russia’s armed aggression with bionic prosthetics from Ukrainian manufacturer Esper Bionics. You choose where to send the funds yourself, and we will help to place the banner on your pixels on the board and sign where the donations went to.

Over 18 years, The Million Dollar Homepage had dozens of followers, but none of them reached the $1 million mark. At the same time, The Million Dollar Homepage still has about 100,000 views per month. Could it be possible to gift 1 million pixels for Braveproject?

Even before the launch, the board has its first banners. Ukrainian businesses began actively participating in the fundraising, donating almost $100,000. The list includes WIXGenesisNetpeak GroupWork.uaTurnKeyReply.ioYouScanEnglishdom, Horoshop («Хорошоп»), AdaptiqTrianguEthoraAdmiral StudiosPeriodixNixieshop.

The founders of, Ilya Boshnyakov and Serhiy Yeroshkin, say that one of the next steps for the project is to raise funds outside of Ukraine. The example of Ukrainian donors will help to attract the attention of IT companies and entrepreneurs in the West. On the other hand, day by day, the world is losing interest in the war unleashed by Russia on Ukraine. So the target audience is likely to be limited to those who have R&D offices in Ukraine, businesses, and simply supporters.

The Braveproject team does not charge any fees for the development and support of the project. 100% of the funds will go to their intended purpose, and will be reported afterward.

You can find all the details by following the link. By the way, there are only 903,000 pixels left.