Ukrainian studio 4A Games hires people to develop a new game

Ukrainian game development studio 4A Games, better known for the Metro series games, is also working on a new AAA game and is recruiting specialists for this project. This was announced on the company’s Twitter account.

  • In a tweet, the company invites specialists to join the team to work on “a big new project in AAA gaming.”
  • On the company’s website, there are many vacancies for new IP – this is how gamedev often designates new projects, even series of games (IP stands for intellectual property here).
  • Metro Exodus, the latest game project of the studio, showed good results: by February 2022, the company sold more than 6 million copies of the game, it was also received favorably by the gaming community, and was nominated as the best action game in the prestigious Game Awards.
  • 4A Games is a former Kyiv studio that moved to Malta in the spring of 2014. In 2020, it was acquired by the Swedish Embracer Group for $36 million.