Estonian space tech KappaZeta receives €480k of additional funding

Tartu-based space technology startup KappaZeta has received €480,000 in funding from a group of investors. KappaZeta aims to create a global and frequently updated dataset regarding forest biomass and carbon stock.

  • Founded in 2015 by Kaupo Voormansik, the company offers services for analyzing radar satellite data to help farmers, improve profitability, and enhance the quality of agricultural products. Besides agriculture, it also offers services for insurance, forestry, defence, open-area mining, and environmental protection.
  • KappaZeta’s team receives images from Synthetic Aperture Radar observations combined with cloud-free optical images. Its technology also helps to detect various plant types and identify crop types by their temporal signature via phenology (cyclic and seasonal natural phenomena). In 2018, KappaZeta developed an automated mowing detection system for Estonia.