Polish logistics platform TakeDrop secures €1.1M

Wrocław-based dropshipping platform TakeDrop has secured nearly €1.1 million (PLN 5 million) after Paweł Fornalski acquired 20% shares in the company, MamStartup reports.

  • TakeDrop is a SaaS platform operating on the dropshipping model that allows customers to sell products without having them in the warehouses. Using the platform, the sellers can forget about the logistics, which is one of the main pains for e-commerce.
  • Currently, there are over 8 million products in the TakeDrop.pl database. TakeDrop’s sellers can also count on continuous substantive support, which includes workshops, consultations, and order audits, as well as find answers to many questions in this knowledge base.

“Dropshipping is and will always be on the rise. The largest stores and e-commerce platforms rely on their own warehouses or the fulfillment method. TakeDrop.pl, on the other hand, recognizes that dropshipping will not be used by professionals, but only by people who want to start selling on the Internet or treat it as an additional source of income. Adapting the offer to their needs translates into exceptionally high growth dynamics compared to the competition, which attracted my attention,”

Paweł Fornalski commented to MamStartup.
  • Paweł Fornalski is one of the progenitors of the Polish e-commerce industry. Over twenty years ago, he co-founded IAI, a company offering IdoSell software, which facilitates running online stores. In recent years, Fornalski also became an angel investors, helping startup develop their ideas and scale.
  • This time, Fornalski invested €1.1 million (PLN 5 million) in exchange for 20% of TakeDrop’s shares.
  • The company will use the funds for further developments of its platform. TakeDrop is also preparing new function, an incubator, that will solve the problem of legal bodies, paying taxes, and other legal issues.