German Everfield acquires Polish company Grafik Optymalny

German investor and accelerator Everfield has acquired Grafik Optymalny, a Polish solution for AI-driven work time planning. This transaction will support Grafik Optymalny’s growth and expansion in Poland and across Europe. With the deal, Everfield will receive 100% of Grafik.

  • Grafik was founded in 2014 by Karolina Dolas and Grzegorz Galos as an AI-driven work time planning solution for large and dispersed enterprises and organizations. The company claims its platform optimizes personnel costs and simplifies scheduling via SaaS model solution. In addition, Grafik Optymalny streamlines and digitalizes all of HR processes, such as time tracking, holiday management, and remote work coordination.
  • Grafik Optymalny is currently used by hundreds of companies, helping to plan the work time of nearly 100,000 employees. The platform works in various industries, including retail, ecommerce, hotels, hospitality, manufacturing, and many others.

“Over nearly a decade of development, Grafik Optymalny has become a key tool for work management in many companies and has gained a significant market share. For some time, we have been looking for a partner who will help us in long-term development and in building an international position in HR tools,”

Karolina Dolaы, founder and CEO of Grafik Optymalny, said.
  • Everfield is a pan-European group of B2B software companies. Potential candidates are suppliers of proprietary software solutions with recurring annual revenues of between €2 and €8 million. In November 2022, the company acquired Blue Bridge Technologies, a Latvian healthcare software developer.

“Following acquisitions in the UK, Latvia, Germany and France, with this first acquisition in Poland we are also establishing our presence in the B2B software market in Central and Eastern Europe,”

Henning Schreiber, head of acquisitions at Everfield commented the deal.
  • As part of a “buy-and-grow” strategy, Everfield aims to fully acquire companies’ shares. Everfield investment strategy does not consider ever exiting from acquired software companies and is focused on long term growth.
  • The amount of the fresh transaction is not disclosed, but it’s known that Everfield acquires 100% of Grafik. The company’s founders will retain their current roles.