Ukrainian-founded RevMyWork secures over $100k in an angel investment

RevMyWork, a Canadian startup founded by Ukrainians, has secured a pre-seed investment round from two business angels. The editor of AIN.Capital found out the details of the deal.

  • RevMyWork is a platform where users can find IT specialists to review their work in video format. The startup is based in Toronto.
  • The project has three co-founders — Serhiy Pavlenko, Liza Khlopkova, and Dmytro Khlopkov. The whole team is five people.
  • The investors are two business angels Marty Krátký-Katz and Pavla Bobošíková.
  • The company does not comment on the agreement and its terms. But at the request of AIN.Capital, they confirmed that the investment amounted to more than $100,000.
Serhiy Pavlenko, Liza Khlopkova, and Dmytro Khlopkov. Image: RevMyWork

RevMyWork, as Liza Khlopkova commented to AIN.Capital, started out with a traditional scheme: they saw a problem and offered a solution. Lisa has a channel on YouTube, the topic is design.

“Many people sent me their Figma accounts to review them, that’s when we saw the problem. And decided to make a solution for it.”

  • In a couple of weeks, we brought the idea to life — this is how the RevMyWork platform was created.
  • According to Khlopkova, they were able to attract investors three weeks after the start. The team met Marty at the Collision conference in Toronto this year.

“We pitched the idea to the person who works with top-tier startups on the conference; and he introduced us to our investors. We got to know each other and made the deal.”

The team doesn’t share RevMyWork’s valuation, but they claim to be very satisfied.