Startup Wise Guys launches Fourth Sustainability Acceleration Program

Estonian accelerator Startup Wise Guys has announced the launch of its Fourth Sustainability Acceleration Program. A batch of ten early-stage B2B sustainability startups can get up to €120,000 convertible investment and potential €250,000 follow-on.

Applications are open till January 18, 2024. The startups can apply, here.

Through the program, the startups can:

  • Get up to €120,000 convertible investment (85,000 cash + 35,000 program) with a €250,000 follow-on possibility.
  • Master sales and product development from leading sustainability mentors and experts through intensive workshops, networking sessions, and pitch practice.
  • Join a thriving network of over 350 mentors, 200 investors, and collaborate with more than 600 visionary founders in your domain.

Who can participate?

  • You can participate if you are an early-stage B2B Sustainability startup working in:
    • Climate-smart agriculture,
    • Regenerative agriculture,
    • Circular economy,
    • Circular waste management,
    • Sustainable land management.
  • Have a working MVP.
  • Have at least 2 co-founders or team members.
  • You are building initial customer traction, MRR, or revenues.
  • Come from the Nordics and Easter Europe.

About Startup Wise Guys

Startup Wise Guys is one of the most active early stage investors in the broader CEE region and Nordics. The firm has put over 370 companies in its portfolio, with 15 successful exits (80% survival rate) since 2012, comprising a network of over 700 founders. So far, SWG has around 30 sustainability startups and three accelerations program under their belt, with the fourth The firm is headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia.