Polish Czysta3.VC invests €222k in SafeApps, developer of Sequrify

Poland-based firm Czysta3.VC has invested about €222,000 (PLN 1 million) in SafeApps, a company developing the mobile application Sequrify, MamStartup reports. The funding will allow SafeApps to develop proprietary libraries for Flutter technology.

  • SafeApps was founded by Michał Olczak i Łukasz Olejarczuk, who have 10 years of experience in creating mobile apps. The team is focused on the development of a tool that revolutionizes monitoring the quality, stability, and security of mobile applications.
  • Often, when programmers are faced with such problems they decide to freeze their libraries. This solution is not ideal because older, non-updated versions of the libraries may be vulnerable to vulnerabilities. The company’s main product is Sequrify, an app equipped with Web Panel that lets users check vulnerabilities and quality packages for their mobile apps.
  • It uses proprietary algorithms and an AI model to calculate the application quality index and analyze over 44,000 packages from the pub.dev repository for Flutter and Dart. Sequrify is already used by NextApps to monitor 20 mobile applications.

“Michał and Łukasz put safety at the center from the very beginning. Thanks to this, the customer has a guarantee that the price for the application will not increase at the last minute because the developers discovered a critical vulnerability in the library used by the application,”

Szymon Janiak, Czysta3.VC, comments.
  • Czysta3.VC is the main investor in the company. It is a venture capital fund with a capitalisation of about €11,1 million (PLN 50 million) focused on early stage technology companies, especially martech. The firm was founded in 2017 and is based in Poland.

In June 2023, Czysta3.VC led the €225k financing round for Polish proptech Fliko.

  • SafeApps will use the fresh capital to introduce sets of proprietary libraries for Flutter technology, which is gaining more and more recognition on the market.