Elon Musk considers removing X from Europe over EU law

Elon Musk is considering to remove X platform, formerly Twitter, from Europe due to a new regulation enacted by the European Commission. He also has discussed blocking users in the European Union from accessing it, Insider reported.

  • In August this year, the European Union adopted the Digital Services Act (DSA), set forth rules for preventing the spread of harmful content, banning or limiting certain user-targeting practices, and sharing some internal data with regulators and associated researchers, among other things.
  • Last year, Musk acquired Twitter, for $44 billion, and now he has discussed removing the app’s availability in the region, or blocking users in the European Union from accessing it.
  • Recently, Thierry Breton, European Commissioner has issued Elon Musk a stern warning about the spread of illegal content and disinformation on X, amid the Israel-Hamas war. Failure to comply with the European regulations around illegal content could result in fines worth 6% of a company’s annual revenue.
  • Thierry Breton also added that the Commission is investigating X’s compliance with the new law and has formally requested from the platforms details of its actions to mitigate and remove harmful or toxic information.
  • Musk and a spokesperson for X for did not reply to Insider’s request for comments.