Czech medtech Vitadio secures €3M to improve digital therapeutics

Prague-based medtech startup Vitadio has closed a €3 million investment round led by Theras Group and Jafam Holding. The company is behind the world’s first prescription digital therapeutics for type 2 diabetes with full coverage from a national reimbursement system.

  • Founded in 2019, Vitadio is a medtech company that specializes in developing prescription digital therapeutics for lifestyle-related conditions. The company’s app for iOS and Android is approved to support the treatment of type 2 diabetes and is fully covered by health insurers in Germany. In the Czech Republic, Vitadio’s products are used by pharmaceutical companies as a drug companion app.
Vitadio secures €3M
Vitadio’s founders: Boleslav Kristián, Jan Šomvársky, Lenka Röhryová, and Ondřej Kulatka. Image: Vitadio
  • Vitadio is led by CEO Jan Šomvársky, with Boleslav Kristián and Ondřej Kulatka leading product and technical development, and Lenka Röhryová serving as Chief Scientific Officer. Its international team, spanning offices in Prague and Berlin, consists of 30 dedicated individuals.
  • The company attracted two strategic investors, an Italian medtech company Theras Group and a German investor Jafam Holding, after a successful launch in Germany. Vitadio expects the investors to will bring their expertise in the commercialization of medical products.
  • The latest round brings Vitadio’s total funding to €4 million and marks a significant milestone in the company’s mission to revolutionize care for lifestyle-related conditions.

“We will use the funds to scale up sales in Germany, develop new therapies, and expand geographically,”

Jan Šomvársky, CEO of Vitadio, states
  • The fresh funds will allow Vitadio to further expand its platform, as well as add new therapies, such as enabling people to live free of chronic conditions.