Austrian Female Founders announces Grow F accelerator for gender-diverse startups

Vienna-based organization Female Founders has announced the launching Grow F, a 5-week investment readiness program for female founders. Current cohort (October-November 2023) is focused on SaaS companies.

The application deadline is November 17. Startups can apply here.

  • The program targets startups with highly innovative, digital, and scalable, business models that fit with the cohort’s focus. The program duration is 5 week and has two batches per year:
    • Current Cohort: SaaS (October – November 2023) with in-person networking event in Vienna 
    • Upcoming Cohort: B2B (January – February 2024) with in-person networking event in Munich
  • Grow F is launched for companies with at least one female founding member with equal share and with a launched MVP. Teams that are preparing for their fundraising round and getting ready to take on Venture Capital investors are also invited.
  • The acceleration program includes online workshops with VC investors and industry experts, and the in-person event at the end of the program with investors and the Female Founders community of over 74,000 members. Grow F also give an access to its fundraising toolbox, incl. key resources, a fundraising checklist, templates, etc.
  • Female Founders has already completed 9 such batches. The last one was in January this year. Then the accelerator targeted early-stage companies in B2B, B2C, B2B2C, B2D, B2G. The program duration was 3 months.