Finland’s Moflix closes $3.1M round to accelerate Web3 adoption

Moflix, a startup that provides telecommunication solutions, has announced the raising of a $3.1 million seed funding round led by The Hashgraph Association. The funding will be used to refine and extend its Web3 offerings. 

  • Moflix provides a TelcoTech platform built for telco operators (MVNO & MNO) to simplify telecom BSS processes on a carrier-grade platform that meets legal and regulatory requirements while delivering positive and mobile-only user experiences. TelcoTech platform combines digital connectivity propositions with various disruptive digital tech capabilities.

“At Moflix, we aim to build the most compelling all-digital solution to build the bridge from Web2 to Web3. This is not just a journey towards innovation; it is a commitment to shaping the future of telecommunications.”

Marc Degen, co-founder and Executive Chairman of Moflix, said.
  • The fresh round was led by The Hashgraph Association, a non-profit organization headquartered in Switzerland, and provides funding for research and development with a positive environmental, social, and governance impact. Several angel investors also joined.
  • The Hashgraph Association also provides Hedera-powered enterprise-grade solutions, which include innovation, accreditation, and certification programs. The investment will enable Moflix to incorporate Hedera’s technology into its offering, empowering telcos to offer infrastructure, platforms, applications, and user experiences for a Web3-enabled world.