Polish e-charging startup Eway raises €675k in funding

Polish operator and manufacturer of electric car charging stations Eway has raised around €675,000 (PLN 3 million) in a fresh funding round from Rubicon Partners. The company plans to install 50 stations this year, MamStartup reports.

  • Founded in 2020, Eway develops, manufactures, and maintains electric car charging stations across Poland. According to the company, Eway stations are the first in Europe to use an integrated payment system without physical payment terminals. This allows customers to pay contactless in a matter of seconds.
  • Eway raises €675k
  • Eway is a company with 100% Polish capital. The components used to produce the station are manufactured in Europe and the USA, and production takes place in Błonia near Warsaw.
  • In September 2023, the company completed technical work on 4 stations. Three of them are already available in Szczecin, and the fourth will soon be available to drivers in Warsaw.

“The dynamically developing market and high demand for solutions facilitating electromobility is what led us to partner with Eway. The company offers a solution that allows drivers of electric cars to charge their cars without having to install any applications. At the same time, it offers a simple business model for entities wishing to install a charging station in their parking lot. This is another partner in our portfolio of companies related to the energy transformation,”

Paweł Madej, Investment Director at Rubicon Partners, says.
  • Rubicon Partners is the main investor in the company. It is a venture building fund that has been supporting Eway in the commercialization of technology since January this year.
  • Thanks to the funding, the company wants to install another 50 stations. And in 2024, Eway will start implementing a plan to launch several hundred electric vehicle charging stations in the EU.