Estonian AI startup Fyma secures $2.1M investment from Quandri Ventures

Estonian AI startup Fyma has secured $2.1 million in an investment round led by Quandri Ventures with participation from Second Century Ventures, Startups Magazine reports.

  • Founded in 2019 by CEO Karen Burns and CTO Taavi Tammiste, Fyma is an AI enterprise specializing in analysing real-time video feeds. The company’s software operates with existing camera networks, delivering extensive insights to commercial real estate developers, asset owners, and managers.
  • The solution enhances property management through monitoring, occupancy analysis, footfall tracking, and parking management. It also offers data for tenant experience applications. The company serves clients worldwide, including QuadReal, Grosvenor Estates, and Technopolis.

“Fyma stands at the forefront of AI automation, delivering fresh insights to global property and real estate firms. Their commitment to deployment simplicity and scalability, along with a user-friendly interface, distinguishes Fyma from traditional offerings. We are eager to support Fyma’s growth with Quadri’s extensive market support and cloud expertise,”

Andrew Drylie, Investment Manager at Quadri Ventures, comments.
  • Quadri Ventures spearheaded the funding round. It is a UK-based cloud-focused investment firm that provides technical and investment services for B2B SaaS businesses. Second Century Ventures, a US-based real estate-focused VC fund, also participated in the round.
  • Fyma will use the funds to perform its go-to-market strategy and enhance product development through dedicated research and development. This involves strengthening integrations with LLM providers and utilizing generative AI tools for faster object detection learning.