Czech cybersecurity startup Blindspot Technologies raises €1.4M 

Blindspot Technologies, a Czech cybersecurity startup specializing in advanced DDoS protection, has announced a €1.4 million finding round from Presto Ventures, Damir Spoljaric (Gi21), and Prozeta. It will be used to scale up the operations and enter new markets.

  • Established in 2023 by David Cermak, Blindspot provides a cybersecurity solution that specializes in providing DDoS protection, along with Web Application and API security, tailored specifically for the B2B segment. The solution is deployable in two basic modes, it either constantly scrubs the traffic or scrubs it on demand in the moment of an attack.

Blindspot operates a large traffic volume infrastructure:

  • over 2,000 partner data centers
  • 6 scrubbing centers
  • more than 5 Tbps Infrastructure Capacity
  • global low latency infrastructure 

“As the number, volume, and complexity of cyber attacks continue to grow, partly fueled by state-financed assaults on critical infrastructure, our aspiration is to become the world’s leading provider of DDoS protection services.”

David Cermak, Blindspot Technologies, founder and CEO commented.

The current seed round includes:

  • €700,000 from Presto Ventures, a Prague-based VC firm investing on early-stage B2B software startups and online marketplaces.
  • €300,000 from Czech investor Damir Spoljaric through his Gi21 fund.
  • €400,000 Prozeta, Prague-based strategic partner of customers that treat their IT operations as business-critical.

The funding will be used to scale up operations and enter new markets that prove themselves to be increasingly vulnerable to cyber attacks – such as South-East Asia.