Nordic company Solita acquires Future Mind, a Polish tech company

The Finnish technology, data, and design company Solita acquires Future Mind, a leading digital transformation consultancy in Poland. The deal marks Solita’s first step into the Polish market. The company told AIN.Capital the news.

  • Founded in 2008 by Tomasz Woźniak, Tomasz Koperski, and Paweł Josiek, Future Mind is an award-winning Polish technology company specializing in mobile, digital, and e-commerce solutions, with customers in many domains, such as Retail, Fintech, Telecom, and Health.
Solita acquires Future Mind
Future Mind Board. Image: Future Mind
  • Future Mind employs over 200 digital transformation professionals in Warsaw, Lodz, Poznań, and Tychy. The company has worked for leading brands, such as Żabka Group, Jeronimo Martins Poland, and Super-Pharm.

“Both Future Mind and Solita have the passion to build an exceptionally humane company culture and to shape the future by building truly impactful digital services. Whether it’s retail, manufacturing, health, or the public sector, we help our customers every day to create exceptional services and better business. Together, we can widen our offering for our clients and provide new opportunities for our employees,”

Tomasz Woźniak, CEO and founder of Future Mind, says.
  • Together, the companies form a European team of over 2,000 digital transformation professionals to create world-leading digital services.

About Solita

  • Solita is a Tampere-based company owned by almost 700 of its employees and the Apax Digital Fund, a technology-focused growth equity fund advised by Apax Partners LLP. After the merger, the founders of Future Mind will continue to work in the joint group and have also become shareholders of Solita.

“We are super excited to welcome Future Mind to join our international community and our growth journey to become the European leader in data-driven digital transformation. Future Mind has an impressive track record of successful growth and of leading the digital transformation for European retail champions, which will further strengthen Solita’s offering in the retail sector,”

Ossi Lindroos, CEO of Solita, says.
  • With the acquisition of Future Mind, Solita is entering the Polish market, and broadening its geographical reach.