Czech startup Digitoo raises €2.3M in a seed round from Reflex Capital

Prague-based fintech startup Digitoo has raised €2.3 million in a fresh seed investment round led by Relfex Capital. This partnership will empower the company to further innovate and elevate its services to a new level.

Digitoo founder Karin Fuentesová
Karin Fuentesová. Image: Digitoo
  • Founded in 2019 by Karin Fuentesová, Digitoo develops AI-based platform that aims to free accountants of the manual and repetitive work, as document exchange, and data capture. Thanks to using the platform, it helps users to focus on more creative projects that have a business impact.

“We’re excited to announce a new kind of marriage in the business world – the union between Digitoo and Reflex Capital… In this partnership, like in marriage, we pledge to stand by each other ‘for better, for worse, until an exit do us part.’ Together, we have already faced our initial challenges, demonstrating that Reflex is not just an investor, but a true partner in both prosperous and challenging times,”

Karin Fuentesová, founder and CEO at Digitoo, comments.
  • Reflex Capital became the main investor in the startup. It is a group of accomplished entrepreneurs that only invests its own money in various startups. The profile of the partners makes the fund very founder friendly. Recently, the group also invested in another Czech startup Keboola.
  • This is the fourth big investment round for Digitoo. Its latest investment aimed at further development closed on November 16, 2022.
  • Digitoo plans to use the raised capital to fund further innovations, but above all for its foreign expansion, which is part of the company’s long-term development strategy.