How Optimizes Online Presence of Businesses and Influencers in Ukraine and Worldwide

The success of businesses and influencers largely depends on their online presence, which, in turn, requires a shift in strategies, the exploration of tools, and a fresh approach to its construction. In this context, is changing the digital rules of the game and serves as a powerful tool for business growth, expansion, and monetization. It creates new opportunities for influencers seeking an effective way to share their content, enhance their authority, and attract a more engaged audience. Convenient social media management, centralized link control, in-depth analytics, global impact, and monetization are just some of the advantages offered by, with 4 million users, has long been revolutionizing the approach to creating and managing links for social media worldwide, offering unique features such as advertising and e-commerce tools. We are happy to become even a more active player in the Ukrainian market. It’s great to see the percentage of Ukrainian users continually growing. Some notable users in Ukraine include the non-profit organization Razom for Ukraine, the charity fund Tabletochki, the educational platform Prometheus, the waste sorting station No waste Ukraine, the platform, online media Svidomi, music media Slukhach, the band Druha Rika, and others”. – says Anastasia Yevsiukova, Head of Business Development at

What Are the Advantages of is a new generation link-management platform offering social monetisation tools: Instant Checkout, AI-powered Analytics, Advertising Feature, NFTs, and Cryptolinks. The platform allows users to create, customize, analyze, integrate, sell, and earn money through just one link. is a globally accessible platform that boasts an active customer base of over 4 million customers spanning across 95 countries worldwide (as of the publication date). stands as one of the most highly frequented websites on the web, attracting an astounding number of over 250 million visits each month. 

It’s worth noting that the platform was created in 2021 in Sydney, Australia, by entrepreneurs with Ukrainian roots, Olga Oleinikova and Kyrylo Medvediev. However, with 77% of the team members hailing from Ukraine, it can rightfully be called a Ukrainian innovative product.

The Uniqueness and Main Mission of aims to help everyone earn money on social media effortlessly, effectively, and consistently. That’s why the team, in official partnership with Google, developed and introduced a unique earnings feature called AdSense. All users can enable this feature on, and every time someone clicks on their relevant advertising banner, which appears right after their account passes verification, they will earn money. To get profile approved, users must meet certain requirements set by These requirements ensure that the platform maintains a high standard of quality and helps users monetize their online presence effectively.

“At, we understand how important it is to assist our users in engaging with their audience, promoting content, and maximizing their income potential. In this context, is a game-changer. The platform levels the earning playing field for everyone and allows them to monetize content, regardless of having a large number of followers or brand connections. Moreover, it is our main competitive advantage over other services”. – adds Anastasia Yevsiukova, Head of Business Development at

Everyone can estimate their approximate earnings using a special calculator. To do this, users have to select the relevant category of their social profile/business and the region where their audience is active. completely changes the approach to online presence today, giving everyone the opportunity to create a unique and profitable web profile. With its help, you can build your own personal brand page and earn money. Thanks to our innovative approach to creating a relevant service, we have the ability to change the digital rules of the game and influence the future of online presence on a global scale and in Ukraine especially”. – comments Anastasia Yevsiukova, Head of Business Development at