Defense Alliance of Ukraine, a new association of miltech companies, is created in Ukraine

Defense Alliance of Ukraine is a newly created association aimed at uniting Ukrainian miltech companies. The initiators told AIN.Capital the details and shared their goals.

  • The association aims to defend the interests of its members, participate in the formation of the national defense strategy, create its own analogue of DARPA (US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) for the development of dual-use technologies and help companies attract investments to expand their business and enter new markets.

“One of the main tasks of the Alliance is to unite all participants and experts of the sector in order to bring our victory closer, and to achieve this we need to constantly grow, increase efficiency, and attract foreign investments to improve the sector operations. We believe that together, we will find solutions and effective algorithms for overcoming any challenges,”

Denys Sviatokum, the initiator of the Alliance’s creation and the Alliance’s executive director, commented.

The association will focus on the following priorities:

  • advocating the interests of association members;
  • participation in the creation of a national long-term defense strategy;
  • creation of a Ukrainian analogue of DARPA;
  • assistance in raising investments.

According to the initiators, more than 20 small, medium, and large enterprises are currently waiting to join the Alliance, including manufacturers of drones, military equipment, spare parts, software, and dual-use technologies.