Polish medtech Genomtec receives nearly €5M for its innovative oncology project

Wrocław-based biotech and medical research company Genomtec has entered into an agreement with the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP) to finance its innovative oncology project. The agency agreed to provide around €5 million for the project valued at nearly €8.45 million.

  • The project is aimed at Development of technology and an automated system for detecting mutations in clinical oncology based on lab-on-chip solutions and isothermal nucleic acid amplification techniques. This will enable more precise diagnosis and the use of molecularly targeted therapy against cancer.
  • The funding awarded by PARP amounts to nearly €5 million (PLN 21.6 million). It will help cover modules: R&D, Digitalization, and Internationalization of the project.
  • The total project budget is planned to reach approximately €8.45 million (PLN 36.7 million). The implementation will start in January 2024 and will last until June 2027.

About Genomtec

Genomtec is a medtech company specializing in developing advanced technologies in the field of genetic diagnostics. The company’s flagship project is the Genomtec ID mobile diagnostic system, which allows for quick and precise molecular analysis outside the laboratory environment.