Romanian-founded Sessions raises €3M to expand its collaboration platform

Sessions Technologies, New York-based developer of a smart communication platform, has raised €1.5 million from Earlybird, and plans to raise €500,000 from SeedBlink. The funding will be a part of a €3 million expansion round.

  • Founded by Radu Negulescu in 2020, Sessions provides a one-stop solution for businesses’ needs for webinars, demos, workshops, or training. The platform provides a unified workspace for teams, streamlining the process of creating sessions, sharing templates and resources, and accessing recaps and session assets.
  • Sessions has over 35,000 users and has generated sales of €2 million in the last six months. The startup also added that between November and December 2023, 6,300 users were added and 23,000 meetings were run through the platform.

About the current investment:

The company has already raised €1.5 million led by Earlybird, Berlin-based venture capital investor focused on European technology innovators. This brings Earlybird’s funding in Sessions Technologies to approximately €2.3 million and is an extension of €4.5 million investment in February 2022 from Earlybird, LAUNCHub, and Stride.

Sessions also targets €500,000 in funding from SeedBlink, the European funding and equity management platform for technology startups. The amount will be used for product development, increasing the user base from 40,000 to 100,000 and covering operational expenses.