SpeedUp Group announces four investments closed at the end of 2023

Poland’s SpeedUp Energy Innovation fund, part of SpeedUp Group, has announced four investment in three Polish companies Orbify, ZEME, Vumo, and Czech startup Partory. The fund informed AIN.Capital that it has thus completed its investment period and is focusing on supporting its portfolio development.

  • Active on the market since 2018, the SpeedUp Energy Innovation fund, part of the SpeedUp Group, has supported a total of 15 European companies over the past five years with capital reaching nearly €11.4 million (PLN 50 million).

With the completion of its investment period, the SpeedUp Energy Innovation fund will still have capital for follow-on investments and naturally moves into the phase of actively supporting the development of its portfolio companies. As a committed investor, we always help our founders not only in business development but also in securing further rounds of financing and expanding into new markets,

Bartek Gola, General Partner of SpeedUp Energy Innovation and CEO of SpeedUp Group, commented.

SpeedUP Group claims the most recent investments in ZEME, Vumo, Orbify, and Partory continue its strategy of supporting high-growth companies from markets centered around energy, ecology and mobility.

About the four startups

  • Polish startup ZEME operates in the waste management market. The company develops the marketplace platform offering a range of services such as a waste listing exchange, a quick valuation process, automation of KPO cards, and integration with BDO. By connecting waste generators, waste companies, processors, and recyclers, ZEME enables efficient and effective automation of the entire waste management process in companies.
  • Kraków-based Orbify is a startup operating in the Earth observation and geospatial data analysis market. The startup, operating in Europe and the USA, offers a SaaS platform enabling efficient study and management of environmental impact, as well as planning and monitoring of pro-environmental projects.
  • Also Kraków-based Vumo specializes in automotive photography and inspection. Operating on a SaaS and HaaS model, the company offers solutions comprehensively tailored to the needs of dealers, rental companies, insurance companies, and auto parts manufacturers. The company’s photography products can be used on advertisement portals.
  • Сzech company Partory offers a platform that connects large industrial buyers with small, local manufacturers, eliminating all intermediaries and allowing for competitive pricing. In addition, Partory supports the logistical process, simultaneously enabling efficient and easy transportation of goods.