Tomb Raider Remastered was redrawn by Russians

On February 14, a remaster of the classic three Lara Croft games was released: Tomb Raider (1996), Tomb Raider II (1997), and Tomb Raider III (1998). The remaster of the classic series from the British studio Core Design was made by the American studio and publisher Aspyr, as well as by Russians.

An Х user with the nickname @Gadzhega brought attention to this.

Tomb Raider

Timur Gagiev, a Russian, became the technical director, and Daur Avidzba, a Russian author at, became the game designer. Other Russians in the team are Alexey Kozlyaev and Vladimir Parusov.

Why is it important?

Despite sanctions, nearly 10 years of war, and almost two years of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Russians continue to be a part of many global industries, including gamedev.

In December 2023, it was revealed that the developer of Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader is the Russian studio Owlcat Games backed by the Russian fund GEM Capital. And in January, Steam announced the winners of 2023, where Atomic Heart, a game developed by a Russian studio whose investors also come from Gazprom, won in one of the categories.