D2SCALE is launching to support deeptech and digital innovation in Europe

D2SCALE, a new EU-funded scaling program for deeptech and digital ventures in sectors such as Transport, Logistics, Trade, and Smart Cities, has announced it public launch. The Recursive, which is part of the consortium behind D2SCALE, shared the details about the program with AIN.Capital.

About the program

  • D2SCALE is a transformative EU-funded project that aims to establish a sustainable scaling program, with a focus on deep tech and digital ventures in 10 market opportunities. The consortium recognizes the key challenges faced by ventures in their path to scale up and make an impact.
  • Thus, the program will help companies address such challenges as access to pan-European growth funding, markets and internationalization, connecting to lead customers and procurers in both corporate and public sectors, team management assessment, etc.

Over the next 26 months, D2SCALE plans to engage over 300 investors, public and private lead customers, and innovation hubs to support 100 startups and scaleups in 10 high-potential market opportunities, launch 2 open calls to attract applications and select 100 beneficiaries.

The first open calls for startups, ventures, and stakeholders will start March 11, 2024. Before that the consortium is planning to announce the first 5 of market opportunities it will focus on.

Who is behind D2SCALE?

D2SCALE group photo
Group photo from D2SCALE kick-off meeting which took place on 8 December in Nuremberg, Germany

D2SCALE is launched by a consortium of 13 partners from all over Europe: Tech Tour, BRYCK, Maritime Street, NürnbergMesse, UNIMOS, Corporate Ventures Advisory, Zaz Ventures, AnyChange, The Recursive, Aalto University School of Business, Athens University of Economics and Business, as well as Miles Ahead.