New Vision 3 announces €3M investment in 7 Bulgarian startups

Bulgarian VC fund New Vision 3 (NV3) has announced the details of its autumn investment round. The period was marked by investments in 7 Bulgarian startups with a little over €3 million of total pre-seed capital. The strategic investments included the startups Columbo, eLando, Bronia, 365 Company, AdScout, QuarkXR, and VibeJobs.

Bulgarian startups

  • CoLumbo, an AI-enhanced lumbar spine diagnostics company, received a €1 million investment. The key novelty of CoLumbo lies in the unique machine learning algorithm, based on fully convolutional neural networks combined with medical domain knowledge.
  • eLando, a Sofia-based software engineering services company, received a €500,000 investment. eLando provides services in the areas of Cloud Solutions, Software Engineering, Mobile Applications, Software system Integrations, Cybersecurity, and more.
  • Bronia, a deep tech company, specializing in acoustic recognition, also received €500,000 in investment capital.
  • 365 Data Science, a data-science learning platform providing holistic data science and AI training to ensure long-term success in a dynamic job market, raised €400,000 from the fund.
  • AdScout, the first trusted product recommendations platform in Bulgaria, received €300,000 in funding.
  • QuarkXR, a Next Gen Compression and Streaming Technology that helps bridge powerful cloud computing with immersive (AR/VR) devices on the edge, acquired €225,000 in capital.
  • VibeJobs, a job platform in Viber that enables quick and easy access to the most sought-after personnel in the labor market utilizing a chatbot, got a €100,000 investment.

Apart from the mentioned companies, NV3 has also reaffirmed its commitment to its portfolio companies by providing additional funding to Paperfin, IRIS, and Swipe, totaling €1 million. 

About New Vision 3

NV3 is a VC firm investing in startups and growth-stage companies who are helpful for the Bulgarian ecosystem. The fund supports founders in creating future industry trends in FinTech, AI, Blockchain, and Shared Economy. With the following batch of investment, NV3 successfully closes its investment period.

By backing these seven innovative startups, NV3 is not just funding their expansion but also enriching the vibrancy and inclusivity of the Bulgarian startup landscape.