Estonian car rental startup Beast is entering the Polish market

Beast, a Tallinn-based Tesla electric cars rental, has informed AIN.Capital on starting its operations in Poland with plans for further market expansion. Currently, the company is present in 7 markets, including Estonia, Finland, Austria, and Lithuania.

  • Beast is a sustainable mobility startup founded in Tallinn in 2020 by Anna-Maria Mikaberidze and Micha Mazaheri. The company provides a renting of electric Tesla cars on a per-minute billing model as well as the option to rent a vehicle on a subscription basis or order it for a specific time with delivery to a designated location.
Beast App. Image: Beast
  • The company also claims it equally focuses on users interested in long-term use of the vehicle, proposing simplified rental procedures – without the need for filling out paperwork or meetings, with the car ready for pickup at a designated location, opened using a mobile app, and without additional charges for international travel.
  • Since the launch, Beast states that its customers have traveled nearly four million kilometers, which has allowed for a reduction of CO2 emissions by an impressive 464 tons compared to driving traditional combustion vehicles.

The creation of Beast was preceded by extensive market research and consumer needs analysis. Our goal is to provide a premium rental service which is accessible 24/7 thanks to a fully automated and fun mobile app that’s helping customers access a more comfortable and environmentally conscious travel experience. This way, our customers traveling for tourism or business can ensure a car waiting for them on-site with just a few clicks in our app,

Anna-Maria Mikaberidze, CEO of Beast Rent, commented.
  • According to Crunchbase, the startup managed to secure close to €5 million of total investment through two seed deals: €1.5 million in 2021 and €3.3 million in 2023.

Currently, Beast is already present in 7 European countries, and plans to expand its operations into European markets. Additionaly, the company is set to offer a new, even more convenient and eco-friendly way of using shared vehicles.