Lithuanian defense tech Broswarm raises $100k to develop landmine-detecting drones

Broswarm, a Vilnius-based defense tech startup focused on mine detection, has raised $100,000 in a fresh funding to improve the global approach to mine detection using drones. The round was led by ScaleWolf, a hybrid accelerator and fund for defense tech. The company told AIN the details.

  • The startup was founded in 2023 by Ernestas Žvaigždinas, an exited founder, Karolis Žvaigždinas, a physicist specializing in machine learning programming, and Mindaugas Talaikis, an engineer. Broswarm leverages advanced multisensor fusion technology aiming to significantly increase the speed, safety, and efficiency of demining operations worldwide, saving lives and restoring land to safe use.
  • Broswarm aims to address the critical challenge of mine detection in Ukraine by leveraging drones equipped with advanced sensors and ML technology, offering a cost-effective solution. Central to its approach is the “multisensor fusion” or “multi-sensor array” technology payload for the drones, which integrates metal detectors, magnetometers, thermal imaging and HD cameras, which is also extremely hard to detect according to the company.

Despite advancements, new mine detection and clearance technologies have yet to make a substantial real-world impact. Most current methods are virtually unchanged from those used a century ago. We aim to change this status quo. Our goal is to develop mine detectors that are not only cost-effective and efficient but also capable of rapid deployment across various regions. We will visit Ukraine later this year to begin applying our solutions where it matters most,

Ernestas Žvaigždinas, co-founder and CEO of Broswarm, said.
  • The round was led by ScaleWolf. It is a leading VC fund and an allied technology accelerator program focusing on dual use technologies that can cater to defense as well as commercial applications simultaneously. The firm is located in Vilnius and often collaborates with the Lithuanian Ministry of Economy and Innovation.

The fresh capital will allow Broswarm to continue developing its multi-sensor array technology and patent its proprietary technology for the remote detection of small mines and objects. Broswarm intends to launch towards the summer and travel to Ukraine later in the year to conduct a number of field tests.