Austrian medtech company Syntropic Medical raises a 7-figure investment

Syntropic Medical, a Vienna-based spin-out company of the Institute of Science and Technology Austria (ISTA), has raised early-stage funding of an undisclosed seven-figure amount. The round was led by xista science ventures and AWS.

About Syntropic Medical

  • Founded in 2023 by Mark Caffrey, Jack O’Keeffe, Dr. Alessandro Venturino, and Prof. Sandra Siegert as a spin-out of the Institute of Science and Technology Austria, Syntropic Medical develops a light based brain stimulation device is based on a light stimulation protocol, discovered by the Siegert Group at ISTA.
  • The protocol’s brain stimulation promotes microglia-mediated neuroplasticity, and allows to discover new ways for treatment of a range of mental health disorders, such as Major Depressive Disorder (MDD).
  • Syntropic’s team claims that the main aim of the treatment is to improve cognitive capacity in patients and to provide a new treatment option for those who have failed to achieve an adequate response from traditional pharmaceutical therapies. Currently, the device is in a pre-clinical stage with prototypes undergoing testing.

Investment details

The round was backed by xista science ventures, an Austrian venture fund investing in early-stage life science and deep tech startups across Europe, and AWS, the promotional bank of the Austrian federal government. The exact amount of seven-figure investment was undisclosed.

By developing a neuromodulation-based approach for mental health disorders Syntropic Medical is addressing a market with a pressing need and significant potential. We are excited to partner with this ambitious team in commercializing the promising and innovative discoveries made at the Siegert Lab at ISTA,

Florian Resch, Managing Partner at xista science ventures, commented.

Syntropic Medical will spend the fresh capital injection into further development of its non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical treatment for mental health disorders.