Ukrainian invests €1M in FINN, a German car service

Ukrainian venture syndicate has informed AIN about its €1 million investment in FINN, a German online auto-subscription service. This investment is the fifth deal for, with a check for at least €4,500, since May 2023.

  • FINN was founded in 2019 in Munich. The startup offers an online auto-subscription service that provides e-commerce platform for B2C and B2B customers (dealership centers). Its services cover car selection and delivery to insurance and regular maintenance, payment of taxes and other financial expenses.
  • The startup cooperates with over 30 car manufacturers and insurance companies. Over the past 3 years, it demonstrated a 100-fold and stable growth. The company is also claims its mission is to facilitate a positive impact on people, organizations and the planet through seamless mobility.

FINN actively promotes mobility change and decarbonization of individual mobility by stimulating the use of electric cars. The auto subscription allows customers do not have to worry about the challenges associated with the risks of owning a car or its technological obsolescence,

FINN’s team claimed.


Ukrainian venture syndicate is an association of over 700 private investors who were united by the founders of Toloka, Taras Kyrychenko, Oleksandr Kolb, and Igor Shoifot. Before the current investment, invested $615,000 in the British medtech startup and provided £510,000 for Gin, a British startup co-founded by a Ukrainian, in December 2023.