Bulgarian e-commerce startup Rush is acquired by Shop Circle

Sofia-based e-commerce tech startup Rush has been acquired by Shop Circle, now being fully managed by the company. The process will take a few months in order to fully implement the new strategy.

  • Rush was founded in 2019 by Kiril Kirilov and Stanislav Stankov. The app aims to help e-commerce businesses, individual merchants, and dropshippers to transform their shipment tracking pages into marketing opportunities. Its integration with Shopify offers a SaaS solution for order tracking and notifications, facilitating post-purchase communication between Shopify merchants and their customers.
  • Shop Circle
  • According to the company, it currently serves over 2,800 global brands on Shopify & Shopify Plus. Previously, Rush has been backed by Eleven Ventures and LAUNCHub Ventures, including angel investors.

Scaling a successful SaaS requires time, effort, funds, resources, a strong network, brand presence, continuous partner nurturing – and a million other micro steps. While the core Rush team managed to grow both the number of Shopify stores and MRR drastically in the second half of 2023, maintaining the right velocity long-term in a competitive market required a lot more than a small yet committed team,

Mario Peshev, CEO of Rush, commented.
  • Shop Circle is a London-based technology company that acquires and grows e-commerce software, boasts a portfolio of over 40 apps within just three years. Additional information on the deal will be disclosed within the next few months.