Kvanted co-leads a €6.5M round for Cozero, a German climate tech

Berlin-based startup Cozero has secured €6.5 million in Series A funding led by Kvanted and ENV, with contributions from NewAlpha Asset Management and several business angels. This funding will propel Cozero’s international expansion and the development of its Climate ERP platform.

About Cozero

  • Founded in 2020 by Helen Tacke, Fabian Schwarzer, and Tiago Taveira, Cozero is a provider of carbon management software for enterprises. The company develops the Climate Action Platform (CAP) offering seamless tracking, reduction, and reporting capabilities for corporate and product emissions in one end-to-end SaaS solution.
Cozero, Tiago Taveira, Helen Tacke, and Fabian Schwarzer. Image: Cozero
  • According to the company, Cozero empowers enterprises to take control of their environmental footprint and de-carbonization journey. It also helps organizations in high-emission sectors align sustainability performance with financial management for comprehensive decision-making. Among its clients are Maersk, Mammut, Nippon Express Europe (NX Group), Funke, and Vodafone.

Our Climate ERP provides a proven technology that facilitates seamless emissions management and a targeted steering of the company and its resources. This enables businesses to not only meet regulatory reporting requirements but also to transform their value chain and product offerings towards premium, low-carbon alternatives. It sets the necessary foundation for companies in a world where financial and carbon accounting are converging. These two management dimensions are becoming more and more interchangeable anyways with the rise of carbon prices,

Helen Tacke, CEO and сo-founder of Cozero, commented on its product.

Investment details

  • The fresh Series A round was co-led by Kvanted Ventures, a Helsinki-based early-stage investor founded by Eerik Paasikivi, Maria Wasastjerna, and Axel Ahlström, and ENV, a German €100 million evergreen setup investing in European startups.
  • The Paris-based NewAlpha Asset Management, business angels, and advisors from the logistics, manufacturing, and SaaS industries, including Henrik Larsen, Gero Decker, and existing business angels such as Torben Schreiter, and André Christ, also participated in the investment.

Cozero’s journey is a testament to smart financial management and steady growth. With less than 600k€ in funding since its inception, Cozero has managed to double its ARR over the past year. Across industries, companies face mounting pressures to report emissions, reduce their carbon footprint, and streamline supply chain processes. Cozero’s ability to address these challenges aligns seamlessly with Kvanted’s mission of accelerating industrial transformation. We are genuinely impressed by the team’s ability to build a sustainable business model that delivers real impact,

Maria Wasastjerna, Kvanted’s Founding Partner, stated.

Cozero will use the new round to accelerate its international expansion and advance its emission management software.