Voima Ventures co-leads a €2.8M investment round for Swedish ArgusEye

The Nordic early-stage investor Voima Ventures has announced to AIN the investment round of approximately €2.8M (32.5M SEK) in the Stockholm-based biopharma manufacturer ArgusEye. Voima Ventures is one of the lead investors along with Eir Ventures. The investment will support ArgusEye in their goal to develop new biomedicines.

  • Established in 2017 by Erik Martinsson and Daniel Aili, ArgusEye provides sensor systems based on nanoplasmonic detection for real-time monitoring of biological systems and processes. In 2021, they secured a partnership with industry giant Bayer. During March 2024, the first product in the company’s sensor system platform, Auga, was released.

Investment details

  • Voima Ventures, a Nordic early-stage investor that specialises in supporting science-based solutions, is one of the lead investors during this round. In March 2024, Voima Ventures led a €5 million round for the Finnish medtech Sooma Medical.
  • Eir Ventures, a Scandinavian life science venture capital fund who followed on to its prior seed investment in the company, is also among the lead investors.

ArgusEye’s technology holds the promise of driving down healthcare costs by improving efficiency in biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes, leading to better health outcomes for more people,

Jenny Engerfelt, Investment Director at Voima Ventures, commented on the funding round.

The investment propels ArgusEye towards their goal of transforming how new biomedicines are developed and produced.