Austrian power trading startup enspired raises a €25.5M in a Series B funding

enspired, a Vienna-based startup which offers trading-as-a-service on the energy markets, has raised €25.5 million in Series B funding to accelerate the energy transition with power asset optimization. The round was led by Zouk Capital, according to

  • enspired is a service provider for the commercial optimization of flexible power assets. The company offers trading services for those who own, operate, or aggregate flexible power assets. The assets can range from renewables and flexible demand to pumped storage.
  • The company claims it is the biggest independent optimizer in continental Europe, having 300MW of flexibility in its portfolio. Its clients include utilities, operators of renewables and batteries or consumption assets across Europe.

In the last year alone, we enabled over one million tons of emission savings, and this is only the beginning,

Jürgen Mayerhofer, CEO and co-founder of enspired, said.
  • The fresh round was led by Zouk Capital, a London-based fund manager focused on investments of infrastructure, technology and sustainability.
  • PUSH VC, Banpu NEXT, Vopak Ventures and Presidio Ventures, Emerald Technology Ventures, Helen Ventures, 360 Capital, and EnBW New Ventures also participated in the financing.

The company’s plans to expand its operations into Asia and the US after “solidifying” operations across Europe. The company has prepared its product by integrating adaptability to new markets, use cases and revenue streams within its trading platform. The startup also claims that its trading infrastructure is on track to enable 50 GW of flexibility by 2035.