Croatian-founded AI dev tool Pythagora closes a $4M funding round

Pythagora, an AI dev tool with Croatian roots, has closed a $4 million seed funding round co-led by Y Combinator, Polish Inovo VC, 500 Emerging Europe, Moonfire, Rebel, and Uphonest Capital. The investment will be used to scale the company’s research and development, The Recursive informed.

About Pythagora

  • Pythagora was founded in 2023 by Leon Ostrez, Senko Rasic, and Zvonimir Sabljic. The company is an AI developer tool that builds apps through natural language interaction. Using Large Language Models (LLMs) and advanced machine learning algorithms, it aims to ensure optimal efficiency and quality by enabling smooth communication between users and the AI tool. One of the main goals is automating developer workflows by streamlining tasks. 
  • The app is based on Pythagora’s solution, GPT Pilot, an open-source tool, which facilitates app creation through conversation and interaction with the AI developer. According to the startup, it boasts a user base of 30,000 developers. 

Investment details

  • The investors this round include the American accelerator Y Combinator, which also supported the team of Ukrainian AiSDR recently.

Pythagora’s impressive open source traction, high rate of recurrent users, and the full fledged applications developed with it demonstrate the unique expertise of the founding team to tackle this massive opportunity – making it a no brainer decision for us to invest,

Enis Hulli, General Partner at 500 Emerging Europe, said.

The funding will be used to scale the company’s research and development, while also fueling growth and user adoption over the next few years.