Lithuanian startup Evergrowth mergers with Apolo

Vilnius-based Evergrowth, a startup specializing in AI-driven B2B sales solutions, has merged with Apolo that focuses on AI-powered personalized marketing. The merger aims to integrate Apolo’s advanced AI technologies into Evergrowth’s platform.

About startups

  • Co-founded by Jean-Baptiste DaguenéMantas UrniezaTadas CekaviciusAivaras Rastenis, and Algimantas Padegimas, Evergrowth’s approach aims to eliminate some of the most common challenges in B2B sales, such as non-personalized, irrelevant outreach, and the reputational issues salespeople often face by being platform-driven rather than customer-centric. In February 2024, Evergrowth raised a €2.5 million pre-seed round led by Impellent Ventures and Practica Capital.
  • The Mardid-based Apolo is an AI-powered growth agency with a mission to bring customers great strategies in harmony with their brand & growth vision. Apolo has over 50 specialised workflows using AI Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), Multi-Agent Workflows and fine-tuned LLMs.

The process of merger:

  • Since merging with Apolo, Evergrowth has onboarded all of its clients onto the platform with Apolo’s integrated technology. In the first month of operation, 77,060 prompts were generated, and over 1,200 AI powered sales co-pilots, with one client alone mapping more than 250.
  • The merger is a key step on Evergrowth’s way from a consultancy to technology platform. Evergrowth will have access to Apolo’s range of AI account-based selling systems and the LLM data enrichments development expertise of the Apolo team.

After the merger Apolo’s team will operate under the Evergrowth brand name.