Autodesk acquires Wonder Dynamics, a Serbian-American media tech startup

Autodesk has announced its acquisition of Wonder Dynamics, Serbian-American makers of Wonder Studio which is a cloud-based 3D animation and VFX solution. The deal aims to give more creators the ability to add 3D animated characters to their projects and stories. The amount of the deal is undisclosed.

  • Wonder Dynamics was co-founded in Los Angeles, by two Serbians Nikola Todorovic and Tye Sheridan. The startup develops an AI production tool, Wonder Studio, with the aim to allow indie filmmakers to produce blockbuster-level VFX on a lower budget. Wonder Dynamics was previously supported by Horizon Ventures, Founders Fund, and MaC Venture Capital.
  • According to Wonder Dynamics, its tool makes the visual effects process more accessible and affordable by developing AI and machine learning tools that allow filmmakers to produce VFX and CGI elements faster and at a significantly lower price point. Wonder Studio currently offers a plug-in that connects with professional 3D tools such as Autodesk Maya and Blender to deliver streamlined high-quality character workflows.
  • Autodesk is the American multinational software corporation that provides software products and services for the architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, media, education, and entertainment industries. Autodesk is headquartered in San Francisco, California, and has offices worldwide.

The current misconception is that AI is a one-click solution, and that’s why we are excited to join a company that, at its core, supports the iterative nature of 3D and storytelling. We put a lot of effort into building an AI tool that does not replace artists, but rather speeds up creative workflows, makes things more efficient, and helps productions save costs. We firmly believe that our alignment with Autodesk will only amplify that vision and further push the boundaries of ethical AI and emerging technology in Media & Entertainment,

Nikola Todorovic, co-founder and CEO of Wonder Dynamics, said.

Autodesk’s acquisition of Wonder Dynamics aims to enable more creators to incorporate 3D animated characters into their projects and stories. The goal is to reduce the learning curve and automate traditionally complex and time-consuming tasks. The exact amount of the deal is left undisclosed.