Ukrainian BRAVE1 launches a hackathon to improve precision on the frontline

BRAVE1, a Ukrainian defense technology development cluster, has launched the Precision hackathon. Its goal is to find solutions that will allow the military to carry out operations with increased precision, efficiency, and minimal losses.

The Precision hackathon focuses on:

  • advanced targeting systems, including the development of targeting algorithms and innovations in machine learning models;
  • integration of sensors and real-time data analysis to create a comprehensive and accurate targeting image;
  • smart munition capable of adjusting their trajectory in flight to engage dynamic or partially concealed targets;
  • simulators and educational software, specifically virtual and augmented reality (VR) applications, training military personnel in precision targeting, as well as simulators for practicing aiming skills;
  • autonomous and semi-autonomous systems equipped with high-precision targeting capabilities;
  • network-centric tools for combat operations, including instruments for improving data exchange for targeting and enhancing command and control systems.

Registration started on May 27 and will continue until June 8, via the registration form. Ukrainian and foreign developers, engineers, military, experts, scientists, students, startups, and others can participate.

The hackathon will be held in three stages. First, there will be an online session where teams will be formed and solutions will be proposed. Then an offline session where they will work through this solution with consultants. At the end — testing of solutions on the training ground and awarding of winners.