Canadian armored vehicle manufacturer Roshel to build new factory in Ukraine

Canadian manufacturer of armored vehicles Roshel is planning to build a defense factory in Ukraine. According to ePravda, “tens of millions of dollars” will be invested in it. The factory will be focused on the Ukrainian and European markets.

  • The decision to open a new enterprise has already been made, said the general director of the company, Roman Shшmonov. According to him, Ukraine has a powerful infrastructure, which remained after the collapse of the USSR and is not used effectively.
  • He said that Ukraine has “cheap electricity, labor, production chains that are now being built, many people with higher education”.

When recruiting Ukrainians, we see a big difference compared to people from other regions, where there is no production culture,

the general director commented.
  • Roshel employs 200 Ukrainians who are refugees from the war and want to return home. They are to be employed in a new enterprise in Ukraine.
  • The company’s main product is the Senator armored vehicle, 1,140 of which have been delivered to the armed forces at the expense of partners and Ukraine.