Finnish startup Audicin secures $565k in a pre-seed funding from local angels

Audicin, a Helsinki-based startup specializing in patent-pending audio treatments for nervous system regulation, has secured €520,000 in a pre-seed funding round. The investment round saw participation from several local angel investors. Audicin intends to allocate the funds to enhance its market entry efforts.

About Audicin

  • Founded in 2022, Audicin develops an audio treatments designed for nervous system regulation. Its approach combines scientific research and music composition to create audio experiences that promote mental and physiological well-being.
  • The team of Audicin claims its app offers a range of curated musical journeys aimed at enhancing focus, creativity, relaxation, mood, and sleep. By integrating these treatments into everyday activities, Audicin helps users combat stress, insomnia, and productivity challenges without the need for traditional mindfulness practices or training.

Investment details

  • The funding round was co-led by Petteri Lahtela and Virpi Tuomivaara, founders of ŌURA Health, a Finnish health technology company, known for the Oura Ring, a smart ring used to track sleep and physical activity.

A year ago, in 2023, Siena Secondary Fund acquired a stake in Ōura Ring. Additionally, other angel investors also participated in the fresh investment.

It is amazing how the Audicin team combines a deeply scientific approach with the way of composing music to create real masterpieces that have transformative effects on both physiological and mental level. I have used the Oura ring to measure my body responses when using Audicin on different occasions. It has been absolutely amazing to see how it enables me to focus while working and to significantly increase the depth of relaxation while resting during the day. The HRV increase during naps and relaxation has been by far the biggest with Audicin compared to any other method,

Petteri Lahtela, co-founder at Oura Health, Audicin investor, commented.

After piloting experiences on the US market, Audicin plans to use the funds to accelerate its go-to-market activities, focusing on revenue growth and scalability.