Finnish-Ukrainian fund Double Tap Investments to invest in Ukrainian defense tech startups

Double Tap Investments, a Finnish-Ukrainian investment company, has decided to shift its investment focus towards Ukrainian defense technology startups. The company announced the news to AIN via press release.

Double Tap starts operations in Finland on June 7. The start will be at the DEFINE ecosystem event.

What is the reason behind the decision?

The fund explained that the decision based on Ukraine’s rapid development in defense innovation. Ukrainian startups are developing revolutionary technologies in areas such as mine clearance, artificial intelligence, unmanned systems, and advanced weaponry.

The company emphasized that Ukrainian startups have demonstrated ingenuity and resilience by developing solutions that address both local and global security challenges.

What are the key objectives?

  • A key objective of the investment shift is to accelerate the development and deployment of revolutionary technologies that can improve security around the world.
  • The company aims to help Ukrainian entrepreneurs scale their businesses and achieve long-term success through financial support, mentorship, and access to a global network.
  • Double Tap will facilitate partnerships between Ukrainian startups and prominent defense companies around the world, particularly through knowledge sharing and joint development efforts.

About Double Tap Investments

Double Tap Investments specializes in transformative technology sectors, including defense, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence. With a focus on high-return investments, Double Tap partners with innovative startups to drive growth and create long-term value.

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