Ukrainian startup raises a $5M investment

Volodymyr Panchenko, Ukrainian founder of DMarket and Suntechsoft, has launched a new AI startup, It provides a platform with AI agents for small and medium-sized businesses. Now, it has raises $5 million in pre-seed investments, Forbes Ukraine informs.


  • was co-founded in 2023 by Volodymyr Panchenko and Mohammed (Hamudi) Naanaa in California. The startup develops a customized AI application for small and medium-sized enterprises, designed to help manage operational a
  • ctivities, marketing, finances, logistics, and more.
  • The startup’s main product is the so-called AI-based orchestrator that can perform specific tasks.’s agents collect and analyze data about the client’s business from platforms like Shopify, Amazon, Google, Meta, Wix, and QuickBooks, providing recommendations or executing tasks with a single click. The team consists of 21 people.
  • Before the official launch, has had five test clients, which complemented 223% increase in operational efficiency and the generation of an additional $2 million in revenue, according to the company’s data. Currently, the subscription to the product costs $300 per month.

The operational aspect, even at a basic level, accounts for 90% of the problems faced by all small business owners. The goal of is to democratize and fully transition these processes to AI. Then we will see many more wonderful things, as the chances of survival for talented entrepreneurs will multiply,

Volodymyr Panchenko, co-founder and CEO, explains.

Investment details

  • The fresh $5 million pre-seed investment includes angel capital in the amount of $500,000 million each under SAFE agreements with a cap of $50 million.

Early investors include Western funds such as StratMinds VC, AGI House Ventures, and Rocky Yu, BBQ Capital, and Nemke Kostic, The Patel family office, Amanda Schloss family office, Broocknell Ventures, and others.