Lithuanian defense tech Broswarm wins at NATO Innovation Challenge

Vilnius-based startup Broswarm has won the 15th NATO Innovation Challenge selected for Landmine Clearance Solution, where 51 entries from thirteen countries presented their solutions to address Remote Explosive-Contaminated Area Recognition and Neutralization. Broswarm aims to expand its new technology and visit Ukraine to test the product further.

About the NATO Innovation Challenge

  • The main goal of the 15th edition of the Innovation Challenge was to develop innovative solutions for remote reconnaissance and neutralization of explosive-contaminated areas to ensure the safe passage of civilians or military formations, and facilitate recovery efforts. According to the accelerator, the solutions were encouraged to prioritize speed, efficiency, safety, and minimal human intervention.
  • Launched in 2017, the NATO Innovation Challenge is a brainstorming process that produces collaboration between the Alliance, Academia, Industry, and additional innovators. The NATO Innovation Challenge helps resolve operational problems for the Alliance, collecting and implementing innovative solutions. The Fall 2024 edition will be announced shortly.

Broswarm wins

  • The startup was founded in 2023 by Ernestas Žvaigždinas, Karolis Žvaigždinas, and Mindaugas Talaikis. Broswarm leverages advanced multisensor fusion technology aiming to significantly increase the speed, safety, and efficiency of demining operations worldwide, saving lives and restoring land to safe use.
  • Broswarm aims to address the critical challenge of mine detection in Ukraine by leveraging drones equipped with advanced sensors and ML technology, offering a cost-effective solution.

We are gearing up for our market launch, patenting a new technology to detect various sizes and depths of landmines, and preparing for our next funding round. And we will visit Ukraine to test the product further. Our goal remains to make the biggest possible impact in the real world by eliminating the threat of mines, and thereby enhancing safety and saving lives,

BROSWARM team shares its future plans on its LinkedIn page.

In March this year, Broswarm raised $100,000 investment from ScaleWolf to develop these landmine-detecting drones.