Ukrainian wellbeing startup Rozmova to receive $100k from Google, reaching $8M in value

Ukrainian mental health startup Rozmova (in the international market — Clearly) will receive $100,000 in funding from the Google for Startups Ukraine Support Fund. The financing aims to expand its presence in foreign markets (Poland, Spain, and Latin America).

  • Rozmova (Clearly) is a platform that connects psychotherapists with clients online and offline. The product was created by two Ukrainians, Dmytro Marahovskyi and Dmytro Kovalenko, and was launched two weeks before the start of Russia’s full-scale invasion in Ukraine.
  • In 2023, Rozmova raised an investment round in the amount of $200,000. These funds were directed to the launch of the product in Poland.
  • Following the new round, the valuation of Rozmova reached $8 million.

We managed not only to launch in Poland, but also to completely rewrite the product, adapting it to the target markets that interest us. In regards to support from Google: we have already kicked off the strategy for entering new markets and developing the AI ​​functionality. This will allow us to remove restrictions on target markets and customer solvency,

Rozmova’s team commented.

The fresh investment will help the startup to accelerate its expansion in foreign markets (Poland, Spain, Latin America) and improve the service with the help of artificial intelligence.