Three Ukrainian startups received up to €20k in funding from Glovo Startup Lab

Three Ukrainian startups have received funding up to €20,000 and the opportunity for internships as part of the annual Glovo Startup Lab. The competiotion took place during the PowerUp tech conference, organized by Glovo and the Ukrainian Startup Foundation.

  • Glovo Startup Lab is an initiative by Glovo, a technology company, that supports startups through funding and mentorship opportunities. It typically includes a competition where startups pitch their ideas to receive financial backing and the chance to work closely with Glovo’s team, either through internships or online mentoring. This initiative aims to foster innovation and entrepreneurship within the startup ecosystem.
  • Nine startups pitching at this year’s Glovo Startup Lab: UTU, Banani, Birb, GetOrder, Getpin, Howcow, Releaf Paper, ToGether, Uspacy. In addition to funding, winners also received internship opportunities in Barcelona or online mentorship from the Glovo team:
  1. First place: €20,000 funding + internship in Barcelona
  2. Second place: €10,000 funding + internship in Barcelona
  3. Third place: €5,000 funding + online mentoring from Glovo

Three winning startups:

  • First place: Getpin, an online marketing tool that helps businesses with physical locations attract customers looking for products or services nearby.
  • Second place: Uspacy, a CRM system for small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Third place: Howcow, anAI system that determines the best time for cows to conceive and detects health issues.

The main idea of the PowerUp tech conference was the economic recovery of Ukraine and attracting foreign investments into Ukrainian tech companies and startups. Additionally, the initiative was led by Sasha Michaud, co-founder of Glovo. AIN was a media partner of the conference.