Polish medtech Quantum Innovations secures nearly €10M investment

The Warsaw-based medtech startup Quantum Innovations has secured nearly €10 million (PLN 41 million) in its second funding round to develop cardiac surgery technology. Vinci IQ ASI led the investment round, the startup shared the details with AIN via press release.

About Quantum Innovations

  • The team of Quantum Innovations is led by Grzegorz Suwalski, M.D, PhD. The startup develops a unique sensor technology for monitoring organs during surgery and for transplantation — Heart Sense. Quantum uses scientific methodology to analyze and monitor the global market, population status, public health dynamics, progress in medicines, therapy guidelines, and incoming technologies.
  • The Heart Sense solution enables real-time ECG monitoring directly from the surface of a beating heart. Additionally, Heart Guard technology also tracks tissue metabolism, including during periods when the heart is stopped for cardiac surgery.

Acquiring new and previously inaccessible precise signals from the organs and body parts undergoing surgery pushes the boundaries of our knowledge. Overcoming these barriers opens up prospects for improving medical procedures. Thus, Heart Sense technology makes it possible to examine the ECG of the operated heart, in any of its positions, from any of its walls, directly from its surface. Heart Guard technology, on the other hand, monitors the metabolism-dependent acidification of the heart. Studies indicate that using this data can help cardiac teams overcome knowledge gaps and prevent dangerous complications and fatalities in patients,

Grzegorz Suwalski, founder and CEO of Quantum Innovations, commented.

Investment details

The fresh €10 million funding round was led by the Vinci IQ ASI fund, a Polish fund established by Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowegoand and managed by Vinci S.A., with participation from the company’s existing investor, MedTech Holding.

We were convinced to invest primarily by the groundbreaking product and technology, as well as the practical experience of the team. The solutions proposed by QI address an unmet need in clinical practice during cardiothoracic surgeries. Introducing these solutions into medical standards has the potential to significantly reduce complications and perioperative mortality associated with heart surgeries. Investments in medical technologies like QI fit perfectly with our fund’s mission of supporting sustainable development.

Piotr Woliński, President of Vinci S.A., said.

The funding round will be used to develop and set up a production line in a clean-room environment, as well as conduct necessary certifications, including regulatory and clinical trials on humans, which will help to expand it globally.