Estonian fund Metaplanet invests in WeatherXM and Neurable

Estonian investment firm Metaplanet has announced its investments in the Greek Web3 climate analysis network WeatherXM and the US neurotechnology company Neurable. WeatherXM raised $7.7 million in Series A funding and Neurable received $13 million in investment capital.

About Metaplanet Holdings

  • Metaplanet Holdings is an early-stage investment firm started by Skype’s founder Jaan Tallinn. It has more than 160 companies in its venture investment portfolio. The fund invests in innovation with the potential to produce an outsized return for the benefit of humankind.
  • Among its notable investments are SpaceX, DeepMind, and Anthropic. In December 2023, Metaplanet led a €2.5 million round for Woola, an Estonian company that makes protective wool packing.

WeatherXM investment details

  • WeatherXM was founded in Athens in 2012 by Manolis Nikiforakis, Stratos Theodorou, and Nicolas Tsiligaridis. It is a decentralized network of weather stations. The network rewards station owners who are collecting and sharing local weather data through systems built on the blockchain.
  • The company has developed a WS2000 Helium-LoRaWAN autonomous weather station that connects to a nearby Helium-LoRaWAN gateway. The station collects local ground weather information and is monitored by volunteers who are compensated with WeatherXM’s crypto token, $WXM.
  • WeatherXM’s collected data is available to anyone for free personal use, with paid-for offerings for Web2 and Web3 businesses that wish to use it commercially. The startup has already deployed 5,000 of its weather stations in over 80 countries. 

WeatherXM raised $7.7 million during its Series A funding round. The funding was led by Lightspeed Faction VC. In addition to Metaplanet, Zurich-based Protocol Labs, US Web3 investment manager Borderless Capital, asset management firm Arca, Alumni Ventures, VC Placeholder, Red Beard Ventures, GS Futures, accelerator and investor Consensys Mesh, Westerly Ventures, venture studio dlab, and some business angels also participated.

The company will use the investment to increase headcount and expand its network to begin monetizing its commercial users.

Neurable investment details

  • Founded in 2015 by Adam Molnar, Ramses Alcaide, and James Hamet as a University of Michigan spinout, Neurable develops AI-powered tools for brain signal translation and brain-computer interface technology. The platform enables brain-computer interfaces in everyday devices. Neurable is dedicated to creating a world where individuals can overcome physical and mental limitations through innovative neurotechnology solutions.
  • In addition, the company designed headphones MW75 Neuro. The user can connect them to the Neurable app and start focus sessions, receive personalized break recommendations, review focus measurements, and receive insights to improve focus habits. When the brain is focused, it produces unique brainwaves that MW75 Neuro can detect using Neurable proprietary focus algorithm.

Neurable received $13 million in investment capital from the US-based Ultratech Capital Partners, TRAC, the Berlin-based firm Pace Ventures. Metaplanet is one of the participants in the round.