Presto Ventures and CSG launch a €150M investment fund — Presto Tech Horizons

Presto Ventures together with Michal Strnad’s industrial and technology group Czechoslovak Group (CSG) have announced the launch of its third investment fund Presto Tech Horizons. It will support companies from aerospace, defense, and security sectors with focus on dual-use. The target size is €150 million, Presto Ventures told AIN the details.

Freshly launched Presto Tech Horizons

Presto Tech Horizons is primarily focusing on sectors such as AI, cybersecurity, automation, robotics, logistics, mobility, energy, healthcare, advanced computing, systems for critical infrastructure management and protection – including the application of radars, ground and aerial drones, lasers, and sophisticated sensors, across NATO countries and allied nations.

Presto Tech Horizons will invest in startups in seed, late seed, early Series A stages. Its ticket size will range from €500,000 to €5 million. Within 3 years, the fund aims to make over 30 investment.

For young, technologically advanced companies, finding the right investor is often a challenge. By joining forces, Presto and CSG have created a unique partnership that is unmatched in Europe. Our fund brings together the best of tech investing, know-how in building global firms, and industrial-technological expertise,

Premysl Rubes, founder and managing partner of Presto Ventures, commented.

The fund’s team also added, that it’s not a corporate VC fund, or ‘yet another defense fund’ with just a few expert board advisors. Presto Tech Horizons will have its own governance and will act together with CSG as a key partner and anchor investor.

About Presto Ventures and CSG

  • Established in 2016, Presto invests in tech companies, backing their global market expansion. According to the fund, its funds achieve an average Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of nearly 30%.
  • CSG is an international industrial and technology group specializing in Aerospace & Defence, supporting over 100 companies across 8 countries. Key segments include ground equipment, transportation systems and vehicles, as well as radars, military security and recording systems, and aviation systems.

In March 2024, Presto Ventures invested in the Czech startup Lakmoos during its €300,000 pre-seed round. Read the details below: